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Aideen is an Irish-born selector and DJ who is a regular across the scene in London with notable slots at Cafe 1001 and Moko.

Bristol-based Kitty loves to transcend the boundaries of musical genres. Her music taste is in a constant state of evolution, as she fearlessly delves

The Flying Mojito Bros are two Desert Disco and Outlaw House DJs pioneering the great electronic wilderness. With their boots firmly planted in dusty

(Tryouts for the Human Race) Logan Fisher aka Haules Baules has been DJing, producing and curating club nights for over two decades. His big

Heidi Lawden is a DJ, occasional vocalist & producer under the monikers Heidi Hoven and Locussolus, her recent tracks and Dancefloor Dreams & Next

We’re very excited to have the brilliant Laurence Guy heading to the woods and even more so that he’s dong there first ever B2B

There’s music out there that can transport you to another dimension, where the only thing that matters is that moment and the beat. DJ/Producer,

DJ, Singer and Promoter Ella Knight is in high demand for her tasteful selections across a broad range of Souful House, 90’s pumping House-Garage

Singer/Songwriter and DJ Iraina Macini has been digging into the vaults of Northern Soul, Funk,60’s Garage and Rhythm and Blues rich musical history from a young

‘All of the Hardway Bros and one half of A Love From Outer Space.‘ I know where she’s coming from, Space is where we

The brains behind Adonis, DJ and music producer. Shay joins the Guy Williams and the Flash takeover in Paradise Lost on Saturday, a full

With exclusive remixes and edits crafted for the dance floor, Fleetmac Wood’s DJ sets are not a tribute act, but a rave that re-frames

London based DJ and Radio PresenterThe rise of online radio stations with their unrestricted musical policies has been a perfect blessing for Tia Cousins.

Village Cuts are a dynamic DJ / Producer duo from London, showcasing music from Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean, through the lens of

We’re very excited to have Dan back again, he always brings the party! This year he’s doing a B2B with another favourite of ours

Dr Banana will be doing a B2B with Ruf Dug on Friday night in Paradise Lost – only ever done once before at Pikes

Erol hosts a ‘To The Rhythm’ takeover on Sunday Erol Alkan is not susceptible to cliches, but amid a life devoted to alternative and

From rural Victoria to the world, CC:DISCO! has built her life around one guiding principle: music first! CC’s career has given her the perfect

Some people might call what I do drum ‘n’ bass. But I’m not going to narrow it down to what the music industry thinks

A true original of the scene and now in his 24th year of professional DJ’ing, this charming lad started out in1993 in his hometown of

In the game for nearly 20 years now, Ruffy has never been one to rest on his laurels. In the last year alone he’s

Banished from the supernatural realms of existence by the disco warlords, Itchy Rich travelled through Space for 1000 years stopping at every intergalactic dance

You all loved Tigerbalm’s set last year up at the Sundown stage so she’s back… Back in the early 1990s, if you wanted to

DJ/Producer/Promoter from Bristol, UK Maxxi Soundsystem ft. Name One – Regrets We Have No Use For [Hypercolour] Maxxi Soundsystem – Stella’s Way [Ellum Audio]

Inheriting a keen ear for sound from her audiophile dad’s endless record collection, Kristy jumped deep into the underground dance music scene nearly a

RHYTHM SECTION – STUDIO BARNHUS – BROWNSWOOD – CWPT – TARTAN RECORDS After spending years running club nights in Edinburgh, Wallace has since put

Make A Dance is a lovechild of Ben Lewis & Josh Ludlow, A dj / production duo who the run the label’s M.A.D Records

Raz Olsher & Afla Sackey: a bond that fuels a dynamic and effortless musical relationship. Their music represents a harmonious union of African influences

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