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Heidi Lawden

Paradise LostSaturday

Heidi Lawden is a DJ, occasional vocalist & producer under the monikers Heidi Hoven and Locussolus, her recent tracks and Dancefloor Dreams & Next to You becoming discerning dance floor classics, She hosts the monthly show ‘Magic Roundabout’ on LA’s

Heidi Lawden’s love of clubs was ignited in London’s club and rave scene in the 90’s while studying at London College of Fashion and on frequent trips to NYC. She has worked in the world of dance music ever since as a DJ and occasional promoter. Now based in California, she DJs at the US’s finest clubs, undergrounds and festivals there. Heidi has gained the respect and admiration of her peers through her knowledge, style, and infectious excitement for the global dance music community, stating ‘it’s a life not a living’

Although having long since honed the subtle skill of the warm- up, Heidi excels at extended sets that truck through till dawn. A true crossover DJ, Heidi can stand stylistically alongside most, while always remaining very her. Regularly tapped to share bills with her favorite heavy-hitters including Honey Dijon, Horsemeat Disco, Roman Flügel, Andrew Weatherall, Bicep, Bradley Zero, Bruce, Lovefingers & Purple Disco Machine. Heidi fluidly combines House, Techno and synth-laden Disco oddities layered with acapela’s to create a world and sound of her own. She has featured guest mixes for the likes of Honey Soundsystem and (Feel My) Bicep, the latter citing her mix among the site’s more popular.

Heidi hosts an LA party series ‘Take It Outside’ as well as occasional warehouse parties with partner and occasional booth collaborator Masha Mar, LA weekly named their parties among the best in LA in early 2023. Heidi seeks to promote fellow female, LGBTQ & gender fluid artists through both her party bookings and Dublab radio show and is an outspoken member of this community. She moonlights for the prolific, underground record label ESP Institute as well as curates worldwide parties and residencies for DJ Harvey. She is somewhat media-shy by nature, more recently coaxed out of her shell to share her many anecdotes and storied life. Heidi is consistently booked in the U.S & South America including festivals Coachella, Skyline, Daytrip, and clubs inc Bears In Space, Sound LA and House of Yes NYC. While this leaves little time for UK & EU bookings she manages to squeeze in trips to play lengthy sets for her favorite clubs & parties including Panorama Bar, Kaiku, Horsemeat Disco, Glitterbox, Pikes Ibiza, Night Tales.

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