Paradise Lost


Jive Talk and Friends takeover

6-7 Jive Talk

7-8.30 N Gynn

8.30-10 Michelle Manetti b2b Lucid

 10-12 Sean Johnston

12-1 Michelle Manetti

1-2 Jive Talk 



2-4 Theon Bower

4-6 Ruby Savage

6-8 Scarlett O'Malley

8-10 Dirty Channels 

10-12 Heidi

12-2 Jay Carder



Flash Stage takeover 


1-2.30 Guy Williams

2.30-4 Jon Jak 

4-5.30 Lulah Francs 

5.30-7 Mr Doris

7-8.30 Demi Riquisimo

8.30-10 Prosumer

10-10.10 Ruby Murry

10-12 Guy Williams

Stage host:  Ruby Murry


Hidden at the end of a woodland path, head through the tunnel and get lost.  This is the perfect party, full of electric energy and smiling faces- a true Paradise Lost.