Tickets are for strictly over 18s only, ID is required (a photo driving license, a passport, a proof of age card) to enter the festival and entry will be refused without ID and tickets are non-refundable.  We operate a challenge 25 policy at all our bars so please keep your ID handy if you look under 25.



We work with Cambridgeshire police to create a safe environment.  Before entrance all staff and ticket holders will undergo a search, the following items are not allowed into the Wild Wood Disco



Glass-absolutely no glass is allowed on site

Large stereo systems

Nitrous oxide canisters will be taken from you, a VERY strict no Noz policy on site

Sharp objects or weapons

Portable laser equipment and pens

Any item which may be reasonably considered for use as a weapon

Illegal substances

No fire pits, barbecues, flares, lanterns, naked flames on-site at all

No alcohol can be brought into the festival site, campers pleaes stick to your allowance, we can't survive without the money from the bars.



If a person is acting in a way which staff find threatening or are seen to be bothering anyone else, and effecting someone’s party experience in a negative way, they will be removed from the site.  Happy, friendly vibes only!